The cold form thread pattern on the Unibar™ gives closer tolerance between thread and nut (no ‘rattle fit’) and greater tensile strength. These features combined provide improved load retention capability compared to conventional hot-rolled fully threaded bar.


The spiral action of the bar improves the mixing and pushes the resin to the back of the hole

The clearly defined thread design is more robust and less prone to damage

Unibar™ may be used as a mechanical or resin/cement anchored bolt

No reduction in strength as a result of threading i.e. full cross sectional area is utilised

Various diameters are available to suit a range of applications

The system allows for re-tensioning should scaling take place

Consistent quality adds to overall safety.


In conjunction with an expansion shell, as a mechanically anchored rock stud

As a grouted reinforcing tendon using either cement or polyester resin.