Z-Bar is a hot-rolled bar formed to give superior performance when used in conjunction with the latest resin bolting technology. The bar is designed in such a way that the nominal diameter of the bar approximates the pitch diameter of the thread, thus allowing for maximum thread strength, in relation to nominal bar diameter.


Lengths. Studs and bolts are available in standard lengths from 0.6m to 3.0m in increments of 0.3m. The length of the studs are measured overall, and bolts are measured from the end to under the forged head. Non-standard lengths are available on request.

Available thread types and dimensions (LH and RH available) All threads are formed by a cold-rolled process and are available in either left hand or right hand threads. DIN 40518mm Z-Bar – RD 20 x 820mm Z-Bar – RD 22 x 8. 

Mechanical properties

Yield strength 480 MPa (min.)

Ultimate tensile strength 600 MPa (min.)

Elongation14% (min.) after fracture


Duraset has a technologically advanced computerised tensile/compression testing facility, which we use for Research and Development as well as Quality Control. In addition to Research and Development and Quality Control tests, this facility is also capable of conducting short encapsulation and double embedment pull tests.


With ongoing investment in R&D in collaboration with our customers, Duraset is committed to continuously improve resin bolting technology resulting in better cost efficiencies.

Our multi-disciplinary R&D team work closely with research organisations and Universities to ensure ongoing innovation in resin bolting applications.